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Sharing the Waterways

Members of the Cuyahoga River Safety Task Force share important safety information about operating paddle craft on the Cuyahoga River in downtown Cleveland in this video released May 5, 2017. Kayakers, stand-up paddleboarders, and operators of other human-powered craft are highly encouraged to heed the safety advice contained in this video while operating on rivers and other crowded waterways. (Video courtesy of Cuyahoga River Safety Task Force)

Cleveland Water Safety Video

Ohio Boating Laws

Summery of Ohio boating rules, required equipment, and more from Ohio department of Natural Resources

US Navigation Rules

US Navigation rules online and other information

National Safe Boating Council

The mission of the NSBC is to enhance the safety of the recreational boating experience through education and outreach.

Navigation Center

Many topics of interest to boaters from US Coast Guard and US Department of Homeland Security


Weather, oceans, fish, charting, satellites, climate, research, coasts

Boat Live 365

Boating is Serious Fun

Boat Live 365 is a movement to empower recreational boating advocates to create a safe boating culture 365 days a year.

United States Coast Guard

Resource center for boating safety

Nautical Know How - Docking

Guide to docking and undocking

US Fish and Wildlife Service

Conserving the nature of America

Animated Knots by Grog

Each knot automatically "ties itself" when the page opens

Folklore Weather Forecasting


Weather Folklore

Before modern scientific weather forecasting, people whose lives and livelihoods depended on the weather (such as shepherds and fishermen) relied on weather lore to foretell the weather.

Boat US

Boat Owners Association of The United States (BoatUS) has been looking after the interests of recreational boaters since its founding by Richard Schwartz in 1966. We are the nation's largest organization of recreational boat owners, with over half a million dues-paying Members.